Samsung C460w printer keeps going offline

By Jackie Koetz
Mar 21, 2017
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  1. This has been happening forEVER!! once it goes offline I have to uninstall the driver and sometimes the printer and sometimes have to use the Ethernet cable to get to print until I can reinstall what it "seems to need" to run via wireless again. I have a Samsung C460w series. I will update all the info about the printer below. Once I get it to run it is fine until I don't use it for a day or even 10 hours or so and then it goes offline again.
    Any idea how to prevent it from going offline? guess that would prevent the problem.
    They go back and forth from using static ip address to the regular setups. I am just so tired of the whole thing!
    UGH. printer ip address. when I try to use it Google times out.
    Now, when I go to setup the ip static, why is it asking me for a MAC ip address? I have windows 10 prof 64 bit on an intel i7 processor with two 500 gb hard drives hp Pavilion Entertainment laptop (19+ inch)
    thanks, Jackie

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