Samsung could release all-screen phone with an in-display selfie cam next year


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According to the South Korean media (via MyDrivers) Samsung is already working on a new phone with such a screen. It achieves this by embedding the selfie cam beneath the display itself, much like an in-screen fingerprint reader.

Samsung already has a device that offers a full-screen experience—the mid-range Galaxy A80, which uses as a flip-up, rotating camera array. By placing the camera beneath the screen, however, users won’t have to worry about any pop-up mechanism getting damaged.

Samsung has talked about integrating selfie cameras under the display in the past, but it could experience the same problems it faced with in-display fingerprint readers. There was talk of the technology debuting as far back as the Galaxy Note 8, but various issues meant it didn’t arrive in a Samsung device until the Galaxy S10.

Exactly when we might see an in-display selfie cam in a Galaxy phone is unclear, but it won’t be in the upcoming Note 10. Whether it arrives in 2020’s Galaxy S11 is also debatable, though it might be a new feature for the Note 11.

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How about a phone with a fingerprint scanner that works properly, LTE that works properly, doesn't freeze or become unresponsive, and promised battery life?
Could have guaranteed there would have been a post like this...

I am no "fanboy" I am just a user. The in screen finger print reader, appears to be just as as quick and reliable as the previous ones built into the home button. I use 4G+ every single day, streaming spotify and watching Netflix/Youtube and gaming and never have any such issues. My phone has never froze or become unresponsive (granted I have had phones from Samsung and the likes of Sony and Apple and they have all done this at some point in there life as I am sure my current phone will do). Promised battery life is a hard one because they can only give data based on average usage. If you watch a 4K film, with HDR and Atmos ofc the battery isn't going to last as long as rendering a 720p video, of if just browsing facebook all day its going to last a lot longer than playing a demanding game @60 but people seem to expect the same regardless of activity.

Until we have some major breakthrough with battery technology that is adopted by the phone industry, battery difference between generations of phones will always be negligible (ALWAYS). You all seem to expect phones, with fast processors, lots of ram and high definition screens to be powered on playing moves and games for days at a time. Compare modern phones to laptop battery life and they generally blow them out of the water yet for some unknown reason because its still got the word "phone" in the title they expect it to last as long as their Nokia 3110...


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OnePlus 7 already has the all-screen thing :p
Isn't that though a slide up selfie cam, Samsung are talking about the next stage of building it under the screen itself. I remember Linus testing out a transparent oled screen I guess it will be some advances in this sort of tech where you can enable a single pixel to be 100% transparent (or what I guess they will do is possible add some post processing to lighten up the image)


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Great! NOT!

One more spying feature added to the spying device. Now I can't even tape the camera, because I'd be taping the screen too.

How about someone offering a phone that has built-in plastic lids for front and rear cameras? They could advertise it as "non-spyware phone". Or "the phone how it was meant to be if 99.9% of users weren't morons".


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And here we go... What's App has a vulnerability that enables attackers to get access to your data, camera, mike, etc:

So, why would anyone want to have a camera hidden behind the screen, when most of popular apps have huge holes that allow hackers to access the cameras and mike?
How has a software vulnerability got anything to do with a camera embedded under a display. Also so many times people claim that apps can access mic and cameras because for example they have seen a pop up seeing the app asking for certain permissions which involve cameras etc. This simply boils down to the person not being a dev and knowing the technology or having any understanding at all to the OS architecture. They play candy crush see the word camera or permission to read storage or test messages and scream "OMG Why is this game, accessing my camera and reading all my text". It's not you (not you people in general) simply don't understand the tech they are using.
This ofc isn't to say there aren't dodgy apps out there but its no where near what the media claims.