Forward-looking: Now that we've had shrunken bezels, notches, and hole-punch cameras, where does smartphone design go next? For Samsung, it might soon look like a device with a "perfect full screen," i.e., a 100 percent screen-to-body ratio.

According to the South Korean media (via MyDrivers) Samsung is already working on a new phone with such a screen. It achieves this by embedding the selfie cam beneath the display itself, much like an in-screen fingerprint reader.

Samsung already has a device that offers a full-screen experience---the mid-range Galaxy A80, which uses as a flip-up, rotating camera array. By placing the camera beneath the screen, however, users won't have to worry about any pop-up mechanism getting damaged.

Samsung has talked about integrating selfie cameras under the display in the past, but it could experience the same problems it faced with in-display fingerprint readers. There was talk of the technology debuting as far back as the Galaxy Note 8, but various issues meant it didn't arrive in a Samsung device until the Galaxy S10.

Exactly when we might see an in-display selfie cam in a Galaxy phone is unclear, but it won't be in the upcoming Note 10. Whether it arrives in 2020's Galaxy S11 is also debatable, though it might be a new feature for the Note 11.