Samsung executive says two new high-end handsets coming soon

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Jul 31, 2014
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  1. Samsung on Thursday looked to offer customers and shareholders a bit of reassurance by announcing intentions to launch two new high-end smartphones within the next six months. The news comes as Samsung's reported a quarterly drop in profit compared to the...

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  2. p51d007

    p51d007 TS Evangelist Posts: 1,310   +651

    These high end devices...with their high end PRICES are over hyped. I use to play into the high end specs too, but think I've figured it out after buying a Huawei Ascend Mate2. It's FAST, the screen is clear as a bell, sound is very loud, and that battery WON'T run down. Doesn't have 2k screen, doesn't have 4.4kk, doesn't have 3gb ram, but it DOES have an attractive price of less than 300 dollars! It hasn't glitched once, no lag or stutter. This obsession with having the fastest processor is marketing gone wild. 3/4 of the people that buy the top end devices, will never use 75% of the power of the device, but will get one, because, well, it must be the best because it is a "iphone6" and 6 has to be better than 5.
  3. Trillionsin

    Trillionsin TS Evangelist Posts: 1,596   +257

    Yes yes... some of us do, however. I'm not saying me specifically, though, I think I get pretty close because I cause the Note 3 to lag on me at times because of what I'm using it to do. We dont just use these as phones anymore. We use them as toys, maps, video recording/even editing, streaming music and all sorts of other forms of entertainment.

    Each generation isnt just faster, they add in new features, now we use them as personal health instructors (I'm not giving this any credibility though, yet.) and records your steps, next step they can detect the UV rays to help analyze... well, whatever you could do with that. Maybe you work with plants, or on a beach. lol Faster processors are required to keep up with more features, more things running, multi-tasking, and what-have-yous.

    Yes, usually the next generation devices are faster, but it's not the only reason people purchase them.

    You may see a phone as a phone, in which case, you could buy one for less than 30 bucks, no doubt $300. Well, if this seems really thought-out I assure you I just came up with it in a matter of minutes and didnt check for typos and grammatical errors.
  4. bexwhitt

    bexwhitt TS Guru Posts: 355   +72

    Samsung only do plasticy not high end.
  5. MilwaukeeMike

    MilwaukeeMike TS Evangelist Posts: 2,890   +1,224

    Yes and no... first off, Samsung needs the latest hardware because I've read in reviews that the only way to get an 801 Snapdragon to lag is to throw TouchWiz over the top of it. In general though, faster processors (and faster networks even) cause tasks to be done with less power and more quickly which results in better battery life. Look at the HTC M7 and M8. Not much hardware upgrade, but the faster processor (Snapdragon 600 vs 801) means much better battery life. The faster processor (Faster than the S4 or M7) is also why the LG G2 owned the battery life benchmarks last year.

    Better hardware also improves things we'd all like improved in a smartphone like shutter lag in the camera. The LG G3 and HTC M8 are both supposedly very fast at focusing and saving pictures.

    What I think is funny is how Samsung is obsoleting their flagship phones by releasing new ones so quickly. Remember the heat Apple used to get for that?
  6. When a company like Apple decides to release more options in screen size (much like Samsung and other Android manufacturers do), you have to do another release to stay relevant and in the game. I'm sure they were probably going to wait until they figured out that Apple was releasing the larger iPhone 6 for the Christmas season.

    In any case, this isn't about making an old phone obsolete. This is about Samsung trying to lose as little market share as possible, essentially castling while they have to opportunity.

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