Arguably the largest smartphone reveal in quite some time is expected to take place in just a couple of months when Apple reveals the iPhone 6. Other industry players are no doubt taking notice with rumors out of Korea citing a new, high-end smartphone is on the horizon for Samsung to combat the revised iDevice.

People claiming knowledge of the device told Korean publication ETNews over the weekend that Samsung wants to launch a handset known as the Galaxy Alpha in August. This would put Samsung's new device on store shelves before Apple has a chance to announce the iPhone 6.

The Galaxy Alpha will reportedly be Samsung's most powerful device to date, upending the current flagship - the Galaxy S5, which was just released in April. Other rumors suggest the Alpha may be the first Samsung smartphone to ship with a metal chassis, a premium material that companies like Apple and HTC have found a lot of success with.

Unfortunately, we aren't hearing anything yet in terms of hardware specifications and the like. That'll no doubt leak out in the coming weeks, however, if Samsung does indeed plan to launch the Galaxy Alpha as early as next month.

Apple and Samsung are by far the top two companies in the mobile industry. As CNET points out, they both sell millions of devices each quarter and collectively account for more than 100 percent of profits in the smartphone market once losses from other competitors are factored in.