Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Review

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Jun 13, 2011
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  1. Stonos

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    Regarding USB mass storage: Go to Settings -> Applications -> Development and enable USB debugging. After you do that, you should see an option that allows you to switch to mass storage mode on the notifications panel while the tablet is connected to the computer.

    (at least that's how it is on my SGS2)
  2. Can someone please check and post if what Stonos said is correct? It'll be a huge disappointment for me if I can't use this device freely like a drag and drop file system.
  3. I just played with these this past weekend at the Galleria, I'm quite impressed!! Its between this and the Transformer. Though when i was going between the home screens I didn't see the Numbers across the top. I guess the ones they had on display where prerelease/demo pure honeycomb editions?
  4. I can't wait to get one... Gotta love the flexibility of android. Hopefully we'll get some custom roms released for this thing asap.
  5. iPad2 still beats it with a great OS (which gets very significant perks with the soon-to-be-released iOS5) and significantly faster graphics.

    Samsung gets the nod only slightly on the hardware side but a pitty they had to sacrifice a memory card slot to do it which would be the only real advantage (other than a slightly better display) over an iPad2 for me.

    Plus, who knows if it'll ever get an OS upgrade and it will be obsolete in 4 months due to the release of a significantly better Tecra chip.

    I think I'll stick with the iPad2. A hot body without a good brain is pretty much only good for one thing ...uhh... looking at. ;)
  6. aj_the_kidd

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    Looks interesting, those significant perks that iOS will get, either Android already has them or they will most likely be in the next Honeycomb release, though considering how much the telecommunication companies have "handled" updates in the past, thats gonna take a very very long time.
  7. So... Flash isn't important to you? It can't be that fun to get a bunch of non-working flash content on 80-85% of the most popular websites out there using an iPad. The screen is much better on the Tab, BTW. Higher resolution, higher pixel density, better PLS panel, 16:10 aspect ratio. Also... much better cameras (both FF and RF), and is even thinner and lighter than iPad 2. Not to put down the Apple OS, but they are playing catch-up in many aspects compared to Android - tabbed browsing, widgets, etc. There is also going to be a major firmware update for the 10.1 Tab in less than a month, and when that happens this list of reasons why the Galaxy Tab is better will double.
  8. I am with you all the way. Go Samsung + Google + Android!! Love you guys . Down with iPad and all lovers..
  9. I drag and drop files between the tab and my computer with no problem whatsoever. And I've done it with equal ease on two different computers.
  10. Just a quick question: would this tablet be a good investment for someone who only needs it for an "internet box" vs a netbook? It looks very cool and fun! Thanks guys!
  11. I bought a Galaxy Tab 10.1, but returned it. Too many bugs! I do not appreciate spending over $500 to become a beta tester. Here is an example: I wanted to use it to read e-books. Got it working (with my local library) and found the screen font too small and then found that when the font size was readable, the page turning produced half of one page and half of the next page. There were other problems ... email was horrible to use ... Skype was bad with no video ... and on and on. It is a beta device!
  12. First and foremost the screen on this device is gorgeous. Secondly it is so thin and light it's hard to imagine there is a dual core processor, somehow magically sandwiched between the battery and the screen. I'm not going to wade into the Android vs iOS debate, even though I do have an opinion on the matter.

    I'll just say that this tablet feels like something out of Star Trek, and that's pretty darn cool. Battery life has been great and the build quality top notch. I don't have a case for it yet, so I've been using it as is.

    Some reviews of the earlier models given out at the Google event claim the back plastic cover makes the device feel cheaper, I disagree. I like the slightly textured back, and if that shaves more weight from the device all the better.
  13. I've owned both the iPad and iPad2, and now this one. After owning all 3, I have to say that I just really like Android more than iOS. I like the fact that I can look through the file structure and place shortcuts easily on the desktop. There are workarounds for this on iPad, but to me it's just more user friendly on Android. I love the fact that I can use news and calendar and clock widgets, for example, and customize the setup to my tastes, which is just more restrictive on the iPad. The gmail app is fantastic, web browsing looks great and it's an all around good solid product. Honeycomb works great and looks great, and this tab is a lot of fun to use.

    From a hardware perspective, there aren't a ton of differences between this and iPad. However there are some important ones, biggest in my opinion being the widescreen format versus iPad's 4:3, and the fact that the Samsung can play full HD videos. To me, that is a great win for this product as I have several HD videos for my business, and they look great on here. It's light and slim, and easy to grip (in my opinion, easier to grip the back than the smooth metal of iPad.)

    However, there is a lack of tablet-based applications available at this time. Apple has them beat on quantity and quality of tablet apps. This is the only downside and at least it seems that Google is working on it, so I imagine the market will grow rapidly. Soon we will be able to download movies and rent them in the market, but until then it gets a slightly lower review on my end.

    Overall it's a lot of fun to play with and great competition to Apple.
  14. Hi guys
    Can I connect my camera thru usb port in samsung tab & download pix? rgds

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