Samsung officially launching the Galaxy S8 on March 29th


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There have been a few rumors floating around regarding the Galaxy S8's potential launch date, but now Samsung has made it official. The company will unveil their next-generation flagship Android smartphone at a New York event on March 29th.

Samsung released a teaser video for the event, which essentially confirms the Galaxy S8 will have much slimmer bezels than its predecessor. Aside from that, the video doesn't reveal much else about the smartphone, which is to be expected of a teaser.

Rumors have suggested the Galaxy S8 will be available in two variants: the regular S8, with a 5.8-inch bezel-free display; and the S8 Plus, with a 6.2-inch bezel-free display. We're expecting to see Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 SoC inside, potentially alongside a new Samsung Exynos processor in some variants.

We'll just have to wait until March 29th to find out all the official specs and details.

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Uncle Al

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Considering the minimal impact the version 7 had on the stock, this one can't help but increase their market share .... unless they have an encore of battery "enlightenments" ...... now, about those washing machines ......