Samsung promotion offers double the trade-in value when buying a new Galaxy smartphone

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Samsung is giving consumers even more incentive to purchase its latest mobile devices. From now through November 3, those who buy a new Galaxy device from a participating carrier or retailer will receive double the trade-in value on their old device.

The offer is valid for those purchasing the Galaxy Note 9, the Galaxy S9 or the Galaxy S9+. Participants can earn a maximum of $600, depending on which handset they forfeit. LG’s V30, for example, is worth $300 in Samsung’s eyes, its own Galaxy Note 8 will net you $500 and an iPhone X or iPhone 8 Plus commands the full $600.

A complete list of device values can be found over on Samsung’s promotional website.

As mentioned, the offer is valid on purchases made through November 3 although you’ll have until November 24 to mail in your old device. Note that you’ll need to be the rightful owner of the device you submit for trade-in (it can’t be a leased phone, for example) and it needs to be in good shape (no cracked screens, water damage, etc.). Those who submit a device that does not meet all eligibility requirements will only receive a Visa Virtual Account for $50.

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USA only, not that I would have used it anyway (I"m in Canada)


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Several articles indicate that the Galaxy 9 series of products is not selling very well. No doubt this is part of the reason for increasing the rebate. Overall, reports indicate that Samsung mobile division is performing poorly. One can only wonder how long Samsung can remain in the mobile business.