Drivers Samsung SyncMaster 720TD


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Dear Jack102938 (or anyone else who has the software),

I have a Samsung 720TD but also not the software. I found your post that you received the software.

Can I get a copy of it?

Thanx in advance,
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Software for what purpose? When the monitor is attached to a Windows computer, Windows should detect it correctly, and Windows Update will provide you with the software needed


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Hé means probebly the drivers.
I looking also for the drivers because the monitor is not the biggest problem, but the pen won't work


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My pen is (when charging) continue blinking red, green, orange
Does that say something, anyone an idea?
The pen still don't working

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I would mess around in the SyncMaster forum at Samsung (if such still exists). Some years ago, I was able to upgrade an ECS motherboard to 4-core CPU by getting the 'latest & greatest' BIOS (dated in the previous decade) with help of a friendly, helpful, resourceful engineer. This made purchase of used 2.7 Ghz CPU for $8 an affordable investment. Ran it for 3-4 years before donating to a computers4kids effort. Good luck!