Samsung unveils Galaxy S III smartphone at media event in London

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May 3, 2012
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  1. Samsung has officially taken the wraps off of the long-awaited Galaxy S III smartphone at the Mobile Unpacked press event in London. The new flagship handset packs a quad-core 1.4GHz...

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  2. Supreeeeeme victory........or.......Flawless Victory....Samsung Wins!!!....PERFECT!!!! (Coins sound)
  3. No, replaceable battery or MiSDHC slot?

    I think that is the worst news yet if this is indeed true, 64GB fills quite fast and a handset that is supposed to be for convenience could well be a laborious (Showing obvious signs of effort and lacking in fluency.) situation for those who are already using multiple SD cards on their devices who only now have to swap those SD cards over yet if the user cannot do this with the S3 I would hazard to guess that it means one would need to sit down at a laptop for eg and copy data from to the device instead of just swapping out a SD card.

    This is one reason my household all have S2 devices and not apple, if this decision is true I don't see why I won't just go and stick with my S2 or later when I upgrade goto another vendor.
  4. for the one above...battery is replaceable and the micro SD slot should accept up to 32GB and SDHC Cards.
  5. I smell a lawsuit for having the same RGB color similar to Apple products...
  6. Wow nice phone. It will be a uber upgrade from my iphone 3gs.
  7. With those specs, the SGS3 will definitely be one of the, if not the best phone to get for a long time, just as the SGS2 was (and still is).
    I shall be first in line as soon as it hits Canada. Hopefully this guy will have as large a dev community as other Samsung devices do.
  8. why is it so big? the sgs2 I think was just the perfect size.

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