Samsung webcam cy-stc1100

By odeh
Nov 20, 2011
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  1. Hi I'm facing a very big problem with my new tv camera which I bought it to use it as webcam with my laptop ,I found out there is no driver available for this type of webcam
    since 2 month back i didn't use it (it is useless with out driver)
    the hardware id is : usb\vid_04e8&pid 2058&rev_0000
    it is HD webcam
    please help me to find out the driver which i think Samsung company is hiding driver of this type of webcam so no body can use it without there tv's
  2. danellisuk

    danellisuk TS Rookie

    Linux driver

    I'm interested in getting one of these to go with my TV. But I don't intend to connect it directly to the television, but to my MythTV box, so I am looking to determine if there is a Linux driver available.

    As I understand these TVs run Linux anyway, so I was hoping that Samsung have played nice and posted the Linux driver to the kernel devs to maintain (wishful thinking I know!)

    If anyone has one, can you post the USB ID?

  3. danellisuk

    danellisuk TS Rookie

    OK, I re-read and I presume that the USB id is 04e8:2058

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