Samsung's Galaxy S21 smartphones are reportedly selling three times better than the S20...


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In brief: Samsung fans were hit with a hefty dose of sticker shock last year when the Galaxy S20 smartphones hit the market with a base price of $1,000. Needless to say, that price hike was a bit on the controversial side, and the backlash that resulted from it isn't something Samsung wants to experience twice. That's why the Galaxy S21 phones are much cheaper than their predecessors -- and are selling far better as a result.

In fact, if a recent SamMobile report is accurate, the S21 smartphones have sold three times better than the S20 line of devices -- during their first month -- and it isn't difficult to see why.

Each unit in the S21 line is $200 cheaper than its S20 counterpart. The base Galaxy S21 starts at just $800, with the most expensive model running you a cool $1,200. Although $800 is still a very significant chunk of change, it seems to be a lot easier for the average consumer to swallow.

Even on the high end, Samsung is seeing boosted shipments: the $1,200 S21 Ultra has made up around 40 percent of the entire product line's total sales. In other words, while $1,400 is seemingly too much for smartphone enthusiasts, $1,200 is just right.

Unfortunately, as solid as the S21 phones are overall (especially with their cheaper price points), there are a few drawbacks. To be more specific, Samsung is omitting the usual fast-charging brick and complementary pair of headphones from its S21 shipments, citing environmental concerns and a desire to avoid contributing to "e-waste."

If you want to snag an S21 for yourself, there are three models available: the S21, the S21+, and the S21 Ultra. They each have the same Snapdragon 888 processor, but the higher-tier models will net you a better camera, a bigger battery, and a handful of other improvements.

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If google releases another meh phone, I might have to seriously take a look at Samsung's offerings.

then again, my Pixel 4a5G is not that bad, but price wise, Samsung has some decent phones.


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Got my S21 Plus last week. It's a noticeable upgrade over my S10.

Yes, of course we're looking at 6.7" screen vs 6.1" (which makes a BIG difference visually). But there's more to it...

Sure, the resolution has been scaled back from 1440p to 1080p, but on a screen this size- much less a 24" monitor- it's basically imperceptible. The smooth, 120Hz refresh rate is not imperceptible, however. It feels buttery smooth. 5G is the real deal, too. TONS of 5g Xfinity hotspots in my 'hood. WOW it's fast.

The newer and faster Snap Dragon 888 and quicker RAM make this phone feel like a serious upgrade as well. I also appreciate the non-curved screen. It looked cool, but wasn't much fun to use. SO many accidental touches!

The fact that Samsung knocked $100 off the $999 MSRP, and also gave me $550 for my S10 meant I paid $350 for this upgrade. And since I was able to buy an unlocked version, I was able to dump Boost @$30/mo and get Xfinity(Verizon) at $15/month for 1GB data. I'm on Wifi constantly so I rarely use even .3GB

This upgrade will pay for itself in two years.
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Used to be a OnePlus fan since OnePlus 1 (then 3, then 6), but I got fed up with their decisions on software and hardware and this time I went with S21 Ultra.