Sata Drive Used As Slave, Not Shown In Bios. One Will Not Format

By Chace
Mar 9, 2010
  1. Hey Everyone,

    I have been searching around forums for answers and the best option to take, I am currently selling used and old PC parts but have come up against a very rude buyer who is wanting a refund for two HDD's that he believe are DOA although they were taken from working tested PC's.

    The two HDD's are SAMSUNG Model HD040GJ

    This is the email I received from him.

    Hi, I have just received these two HDD. One of these drives fails to be recognized by the BIOS! This drive is as dead as they come! The second drive fails to be Formatted by Paragon Partition Manager and will not be recognized by Partition Magic at all. Both of these drives are dead and can not be used! I do expect that you will refund both of these drives as well as the postage cost. Rex

    I have tried to be patient and polite as much as I can but the further emails have been very rude, Any idea's on how these problems if they can indeed be fixed would be great. Thank you in advance.
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    Did you package these drives carefully when you shipped them?
    What were the terms of the sale?
    One way to resolve this is to have them shipped back and test them yourself.
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