By jimh33
Oct 27, 2008
  1. hi i have an evga 122-ck-nf67T1 mb my question is it has ports for sata 2 on it is it in my best interest to get a sata 2 hard drive or can i use sata1 if so whats the difference?
  2. adammceachern

    adammceachern TS Rookie

    SATA II is a newer version of the SATA standard that incorporates faster bus speeds over SATA I. Whereas SATA I runs at 150MB/s SATA II runs at 300MB/s. The specifications that govern the design of SATA II ensure that it is backward compatible with SATA I.

    This means that the drives will work, but will only transfer data at half the designed transfer speed (buffer to host).
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