SBS 2003 Premium - No Internet Connectivity - Qwest Modem Issues?

By garmann
Feb 4, 2009
  1. OK So i have built 2 small business server 2003 machines for other companies. One from ground up with actual MS Disk. One pre-installed from Dell. This third one is also pre-installed from Dell.

    OS: SBS 2003 r2 Premium Edition

    Machine: Dell PowerEdge T100 RAID 1 (250gb Drives)

    Physical setup: Qwest DSL >Actiontec GT701-WG Modem > Linksys GB NIC > Broadcom NIC > Cisco Systems Linksys SD216 Switch > Workstations

    The Actiontec has the wireless disabled, (no need for it). We have a block of 8 static IP's from Qwest, (it's either 1 or 8....can't get only 2....don't get me The actiontec has the latest firmware on it.

    I'm trying to configure the server to have a static public address on the linksys NIC. Then the Broadcom NIC has a static internal IP and goes out to the switch. I want the server to be the DHCP and the DNS. I have successfully done this on 2 prior SBS 2003 Premium servers.

    So on the linksys I configure it to be static IP from Qwest, subnet mask of Qwest techs continue to tell me is which absolutely won't work). Gateway i use the IP of the modem Primary DNS i use (internal IP of the server).

    I configure the modem by turning off the DHCP and the NAT.

    This should work right? It doesn't

    As soon as this configuration is in place i lose connectivity to the internet and the modem. I can no longer access the modem interface and can not get any internet. I am not able to ping the modem IP of and can not ping any URL's

    Things i have done (which by now have my head in a whirlwind).

    I have used the connection wizard chose "direct broadband" in the public adapter i use the same settings described above and same to with the local adapter as well. I use the standard firewall settings and don't change my email settings and finish the wizard.

    This nets me no resolution

    I have reset the modem and then configured it in bridge mode, shut the DHCP and NAT off Set my server static IP in the DMZ then on the server configure the public NIC like stated above and then run the connection wizard choosing the "a connection that requires a user name and passowrd (PPPoE)" I put the PPPoE info in and continue the wizard using the DNS provided by Qwest and the gateway as well.

    This nets me no resolution

    I have tried just changing the config on the public NIC, using the static IP the subnet, using the gateway and DNS from Qwest. Didn't work. I have tried so much that i am not even sure all that i have done. I do know that i always end up in the DHCP mode of the modem so the office can work.

    I've searched the net looking for answers and really have not come up with any answers. I think the problem lies in the modem but i get no help or support from Qwest. They simply say they don't support the OS i am using.

    Although i have some decent knowledge on serve and some schooling on the enterprise version i am not an expert and have trouble wrapping my brain around things like forward lookups and reverse lookups. The DNS appears to be fine to me....looks like it has the addressing it should but i am not positive. I have not changed any of theat manually, if i have then it was through the connection wizard.

    This server works like a dream when you let the modem be the DHCP server and change the public NIC to obtain IP automatically. But it is not what i want at all. I will ultimately run into hassles with what he wants to do with his server. I also won't be able to remote, nor use OWA or VPN.

    I am at wits end and not sure where to turn. I do not have any friends with this knowledge and i have read through the books i have and none deal with configs on modems.

    I think i got all the info here....can anyone help? I am in a crunch, my client is an accountant and this is Tax season!

    Thanks for any guidance,

  2. jdillman1502

    jdillman1502 TS Enthusiast Posts: 120

    I would suggest a few things:

    1. Turn off DHCP on the modem.
    2. Assign the Linksys NIC a static IP that is on the same subnet as the LAN of the modem.
    3. Set the DNS of both NIC's on your server to the DNS provided by your ISP (this is usually just easier than doing DNS yourself).

    You will still be able to use VPN, RDP, and OWA as long as you forward those ports to your servers (linksys NIC) IP address. If you need to know what those ports are, let me know.
  3. garmann

    garmann TS Rookie Topic Starter no matter what i did with the Qwest modem it would not work unless it was the DHCP server and my server was hooked only to the switch on a single NIC.

    I advised my client to get Speakeasy DSL and switch from Qwest. He did.

    As soon as that happened all fell into place exactly how it was supposed to. The config went smooth and exactly as i expected it to.

    Qwest and the PPPoA and their modem/routers in my opinion are too much of a headache for small business server environments even if you spent the time to config everything.

    Case closed....thanks for all your help!
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