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SBS A500 speakers problem

By MC Micro
Aug 24, 2010
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  1. Hi there, I have recently bought a Sound Blaster Audigy soundcard along with the Creative SBS A500 5.1 Speakers

    I installed the Soundcard properly with the latest drivers and wired up the speakers correctly as well but for some reason only TWO out of the FIVE speakers are working with music or movies or anything for that matter. I'm sure its a settings problem but i can't figure out what it is because when i go to:

    Start --> All Programs ---> Creative ---> Sound Blaster Audigy ---> Creative Speaker Settings

    and then click Channel or Noise they all work and are properly installed

    I also made sure to change the settings there to be 5.1 and also by going to:

    Control panel --> Sounds and audio devices --> Advanced and chose 5.1 surround speakers in the advanced audio settings

    I've tried different tracks different programs to run the music on and its still the same thing

    Could you all please help? Thanks

    Oh and i'm running Windows XP
  2. nismo91

    nismo91 TS Evangelist Posts: 926   +31

    Hi MC Micro and welcome to techspot. first of all, have you tried 'touching' the jacks for your speakers and make sure that all of them buzz when you touch them?

    If they sound for each speakers then your speakers are fine, it's time to check the soundcard. I do not use Audigy before (only x-fi) but I'm pretty sure if they can give you something like "channel check" on the Audigy control panel. Did all the speakers sound in the audigy control panel perhaps?

    Last but not least, have you double-checked the jack you put into the Audigy? Each Audigy have different color for different port task and you may want to swap them to check if it works.

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