Scan System = Corrupt Files


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PC - Windows 7:

See the attached .jpg re the sequence of events.

When attempting to access the CBS Log report, #4 ("Access Is Denied") is the result. I'm the Administrator, so I can think of no reason why the log information should be denied to me.

Would like to resolve the "corrupt files" business, but can't move beyond #4 at this point.

Any information/assistance? Much appreciated.


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Yeah, that is strange that you can't see the log file. Try right-clicking on the containing folder and changing the permissions. Add your user name so that you can access that file.

When the computer denies you access, and you are running as the Admin it usually means that the system itself is the owner/user of that file and it doesn't want you fussing with that file. Since this is a log file I think it's OK to add yourself to have access.