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Scanner not working -- possible driver problem

By mom26gr8kids
Oct 2, 2009
  1. We bought a new computer several weeks ago with Windows Vista on it. Our old scanner was not compatible with Vista, so we bought a used one on ebay, but that one was damaged during shipping so we could not get it to work. However, we had some friends give us their old one. It is an Epson Perfection 1660. I checked the Windows Vista Compatibility Center and it was listed as compatible. When we plugged it in a message came up saying that Windows found and installed the driver, but my husband thought we needed to put the installation disk in, so we did that. The disk that comes with it installs the Epson Twain Driver, the scanner reference guide, some photo software and Epson Smart Panel. The disk says that it is for Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, Me, and XP. So, we ran the disk and during installation it said Syntax is incorrect. We have uninstalled and reinstalled it, and we have tried to download an updated driver from Epson, but when we go into our photo software and attempt to import something the scanner is not listed under the available devices.

    I uninstalled all the components from the CD, and I also went into the device manager and uninstalled the devices from there. Then I went to Epson and reinstalled the Updated Twain Driver for Windows Vista 32 bit. Epson says not to use the CD unless it says it has a Windows Vista Upgrade, which ours does not. So, I have not used the CD. All I have done is download the TWAIN driver. My device manager shows the scanner and says that it's working properly. However, it still does not show up in Picasa or Windows Photo Gallery. I downloaded a program called VueScan a couple weeks ago when my old scanner was not working. My old scanner showed up and worked in the VueScan program (even though the driver is not compatible with Vista and does not have an updated driver). The Epson scanner will also show up and work in VueScan program....which is what leads me to believe that it is a driver error. The only problem with VueScan is that it scans everything with a watermark until I pay $40 to purchase the program. While this may be what I have to do, I would prefer to exhaust the limits of my FREE options first. I homeschool my kids and I use the scanner to copy their schoolwork. I have been without one for several weeks and have had to hand copy some of their assignments or go to the copy store. It would save me time and money if I could get a scanner to work. So please help me. I cannot think of any other steps to take at this point.

    Any help would be appreciated

  2. mom26gr8kids

    mom26gr8kids TS Guru Topic Starter Posts: 492

    TWAIN compliant?

    I forgot that when I was at the Epson website it said that a TWAIN Compliant Windows Vista 32-bit supported scanning application required....am I perhaps missing that compliant scanning application and that's why it's not working? Or perhaps my computer just doesn't want to be compliant, which is what I am beginning to believe since lately it has been more work than taking care of my children.
  3. LookinAround

    LookinAround Ex Tech Spotter Posts: 6,491   +183

    Hi mom26gr8kids

    as you've already noticed, your Epson scanner requires a Vista driver. (Your CD and any pre-Vista drivers will not work). As for trying to get a Vista driver that will work....

    Let's first check
    > You're trying to download downloading the Epson driver at this link?
    > And i assume you're downloading the Vista 32bit version
    > Let's double check you're running 32 (not 64bit Vista) Click for how to determine whether you are running 32 or 64 bit windows

    As for a twain compliant app, do you happen to use MS Word??

    /* edit */
    Also, just to note and be sure, the scanner must also be connected and powered on to appear among your devices
  4. mom26gr8kids

    mom26gr8kids TS Guru Topic Starter Posts: 492

    Shortly after my original post I was able to get the scanner working, though I appreciate your advice. I uninstalled and reinstalled the driver, and even though I had done that before it worked the last time I did it. So, everything is up and running, Thanks again.
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