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Jan 24, 2011
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  1. Hello,
    for several reasons I want to try to repair my Windows XP Pro sp3 installation which does not start anymore after some driver/hardware problems.

    I installed a ATI Radeon PCIexpress 16x graphic card HD5550 on my System (motherboard NVidia Geforce 7050M-M with a graphic chip onboard Geforce 630a onboard). After several days with at least one BSOD a day, I got to know that this configuration is rarely compatible. I tried to uninstall the ATI Drivers but this uninstall failed. ATI asked for a disk with a special file and I put the CD, although the drivers on the system were newer than those on the CD, because I did not have an alternative.
    After restarting I got error messages that there is a problem with a certain ATI file (I think a dll). Finally I got a BSOD after the login each time.
    Unfortuantely I had to return the graphic card HD5550 because of the time limit of two weeks so I uninstalled the graphic card and returned it. Unfortunately I could no longer log in afterwards. Each time I start the partion with the win xp pro system,before arriving at the LOGON Screen, everything works well: the mouse and also the keyboard (tested with BIOS). At the LogIn Screen I can use the mouse everywhere, but just hitting one time the keyboard, everything freezes. Neither the mouse nor the keyboard is working. Nothing is entered in the filed for the password and the mouse does not respond.

    I already tried several tricks from internet as CRTL + Alt + Del, ALT + TAB)

    After trying a reparation with the CD I got the same phenomeneon when trying to enter the key while installing Windows: I use first
    1) install a windows intallation
    2) (after accepting license) repair tipping "r".
    So windows begin to install reairing the system, but when I arrive at the license key, it freezes, as before.

    The same with the safe modus. no restauration or working last good configuration seems to be available according to windows (I already tried this).

    There are several restauration points on the disk at C:\system configuration, which I can access using another installation on a second partion, but I am not sure if there is any one useful. Also I wonder how to use the earliest of them.

    Do anybody have an idea how to repair this ?



    PS: The installation is quite big, with many programs (177). Some of them take several days to install (several programming environments, many updates and third party components (delphi, JAVA etc.) .
  2. Tmagic650

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    You have got to strip down the PC to on-board graphics, 1 memory module, failsafe bios and no USB devices or PCI modems attached except maybe keyboard and mouse. After doing this try the XP repair again. If it still fails, try a clean install of XP
  3. tommy7671

    tommy7671 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Installation above

    Thanks for the answer, it seems that many people don't have an idea in view of this difficult problem.

    First I tried the original CD to repair. I had all repair options I wanted, but I cannot enter the licence key, because there is a problem when I try: everything freezes as with the normal installation. I used nLite to make a win XP Pro Sp3 -CD with all options fixed (regin, key etc: unattended installation", so I would not need to enter anything. Unfortunately I did not get the repair option on the first page.
    I searched to change this and found on the "general" -tab that I have to put "repair option". This works nearly: I get the repair option on the first page but when I use "Install windows" on the first page , passing over the next page (conditions.. bla, bla, I accept) to the last page I get only the options to install, format, suppress etc the partion, not the option to make a repair of an installation. There seems no way to change this.
    Or ?????

    Now each time I start the not working installation, I get the request of the installation CD because if I try it it cannot go through and it crashes at the part of entering the key.
    So I don't get the log In window anymore because it cannot finish. Is it sufficient to suppres all data in the folder "C:/windows/system32/repair" to change this ???

    If I make a new installation on the same partion and If I reinstall programs like office etc above the old programs, do I need to reactivate these programs or will the the programs keep and use the valid activation data which have been generated before ?

    Any experience ?

  4. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    "If I make a new installation on the same partion and If I reinstall programs like office etc above the old programs, do I need to reactivate these programs or will the the programs keep and use the valid activation data which have been generated before?"...

    Yes you most likely will have to re-activate these programs. Have you tried the "unattended installation" of XP on a "clean" hard drive?
  5. tommy7671

    tommy7671 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    unattended install

    Hello thanks,
    I already ordered it and will get a HD for this very soon to try this and some other possibilities.
    But, by the way, having two partions on one disk, I already installed windows XP pro on the second partion D: to get access to my first partion C:
    This works normally and without problems.

    By the way, I got all repair options when I used the original CD the first time, as well for a new working winXP Pro installation as for the faulty one.
    Now I don't get it neither with the original CD nor with several slip stream CDs
    (using nLite with different options, AutoStreamer ).
    Do you know what is influencing this ?

    Do you know how to delete an account or change the password to "" (empty) after LogIn at the recovery console by command line ? Is this possible?

    I have an Image win XP HOME (used on another computer) and I would like to put it on the disk of the second computer and upgrade it to XP Pro because I have an XP Pro license for this computer.
    Can I do it simply using my win XP Pro CD after putting the image on C: ?


  6. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    I have never run into anything like this. I have used slipstreamed and unattended installations of XP many times in the distant past, but never on second partitions or for OS repairs... Good luck

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