Screen Gets Black When Starting My PC

By Ryan5
Aug 20, 2008
  1. NVM [SOLVED] Remove this Post Please

    I got a problem with my Computer

    Info: i Re-installed my pc today and when i was done with all the system files it was gonna auto-download the Norton Anti-virus blabla and all that u know. and i got a Error When the installer was on maybe 40-60% complete and i re-started tryed again
    and auto-downloaded and it got error again but the Error-Ok Button is Freezed and i can't do anything so thats why i had to Re-start the PC but when i finally keept pressing enter all the Time When it was installing it got done but than i got another Error that had something with Exctracting some files and than all the way down it says Failed with DATA1 or something and than after 5 sec the Screen Just turned Black.
    and than i thinked.... Wtf?
    And i re-started and noticed the screen/monitor still was black..
    and it keeps being black all the time.
    So please help me!
    *the computer runs Fine but the Monitor only keeps being black*

    Graphic Card on it: Radeon X300
    Processor: AMD Athlon +3200
    Well would be glad if any of u could help me would be a Big help :D
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