SD card error - Cannot access files


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Hi guys.
I’m having a problem with my SD card. Notifications of “Preparing SD card” and “SD card removed” keep popping up repeatedly (milliseconds apart) and all my data has disappeared. I have a Samsung Galaxy A3 and a 32GB Samsung Evo+ Micro SDHC Class 10 memory card, which I’ve had for about 2 years now. No physical damage to the SD card, looks brand new as I haven’t touched it since putting it into my phone. I’ve turned my phone off and on, rebooted it, restarted it, dusted the card, inserted it into a different phone but the same thing happens. I’ve also tried connecting my phone to a laptop to view folders on the card but it only picks up the phone’s internal memory, if I try to connect the card directly to the laptop with an adapter I get an error saying “Please insert disk into a Secure Digital storage device”. I’m not the most tech savvy person so I have no idea how to access the card at this point. Almost every forum I’ve searched says to format the card, but I couldn’t care less about the card itself. I have 10 years’ worth of files on it that I need to get access to. I just want to copy the info elsewhere and scrap this card. Lord knows I’m gonna make 50 copies of everything after this. Any help to access the info on the card would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Preparing SD card notification.pngSD card removed notification.pngSD card.jpgError reading SD card.png

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Sorry for your trouble. I recommend that you do not format. Keep in current state for now.

Since you have tried several devices to try to read this card, it would seem that it is not the reader. You might want to buy a couple of new cards and check this out. If you can see/save/recover, try your old card after proving the reader you have works.

Look closely at the card....magnification and strong light.. looking for any damage or corrosion on the fingers. If you see any, try to clean/repair - I use a soft ink eraser from Staples and clean with 91% alcohol.

If that has not helped, consider trying chkdsk (see Fix 4 on card has a limited,SD card without formatting it. )

It makes sense to use reader on a PC as this means you can quickly store your files if you get it working - even just once.


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Sounds to me that the partition table is damaged or deleted. There are tools to work with that condition, but I'm not skilled in this area. Perhaps some kind sole will take pity and try to help you out.