Seagate expansion hard drive not showing on computers

By PedroEFC
Jun 18, 2011
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  1. Have joined to see if i can get some assistance, noticed others have done this with success.

    I have a seagate 1TB expansion Hard Drive which was firstly coming up with I/O error and now the computer doesnt even register that its connected dispite connection noises from the drive itself on usb connection.

    I have read through various topics and forums and carried out a number of the checks and processes to run through but still without success.

    I have tried this on other laptops and issue is exactly the same. I have another Buffulo expansion drive which is working fine in all USB ports. The system is windows Vista and upgraded to service pack 2. I have cleaned up existing USB drivers on system also.

    When disk management is opened the system doesnt read the drive is connected. There is no excessive noises coming from drive but lights on and small amount of heat is given off.

    Needing help as i use drive to back up important photos and files dont want them lost. Can anyone help please?
  2. Mark56

    Mark56 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,886

    Sounds like the drive has failed as you had been getting warning signs with the I/O errors and now it has stopped working. There is a possibility that it is just the circuitry in the housing so you may be able to get it going again with a new housing. You could first test the drive by removing it from the housing and hooking it up to the internal connections of a desktop PC or by using a USB adapter.

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