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Seagate Portable External Hard Drive Slim not detected by PC

By Ramrok
Dec 20, 2014
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  1. Hello I need urgent help with resolving this as I am trying to get the harddrive showing up or at least recover files.

    I was using it at school first and my computer froze so I shut down the computer and restarted without safely removing the hard drive, at first the PC wouldnt reboot because I had it still plugged in, after unplugging it and the PC loaded up, it did not recognize the hard drive anymore. I have tried it on several PCs including the one at home all using Windows 7 and none of them recognize it.

    I tried all USB ports on my PC and none of them work, the light on the hard drive is ON so I know there is no connectivity issue. I tried several free/trial softwares even the ones by Seagate and none of them recognized the drive so I cannot use their tools for recovering files or detecting the hard drive.

    When I check the Disk Management, it does not show there.
    When I check the Device Manager, it does not show under USB controllers but it DOES show under Disk Drives... I also checked and the drive is up to date.

    The Model is BUP Slim BK.

    In my quick launch, the drive is recognized there and gives me the option to Eject it but it doesn't actually Eject it when I click on it, it either stop responding or does nothing... unless I manually unplug it.

    EDIT: After a really long time, the Eject message says the device is already in use which is probably why it doesnt Safely eject.
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2014
  2. I am also having the same problem, as I need to get some stuff off my hard drive but it does not show up on any of it, was just wondering if you had found a way to fix this yet?
    Kind Regards
  3. I went to Geek Squad and tried many other Recovery options and none worked... The problem was a mechanical issue, something that apparently malfunctioned inside the drive. I went to a place that can fix the mechanical issue of it... the price was steep $500 in 2 days but I negotiated down to $300 in a week to get it recovered. They didn't so much as fix the Drive, more so than fixed it enough to recover... however the drive is still unusable after they recovered the data to a new Drive I bought.

    To be short, if its a mechanical issue that one PC repair shop pointed out (Geek Squad only does recovery not repair) the data cannot be recovered without repairing it, and most recovery places don't do repairs. Find a place that can do repairs, they will be able to repair and recover the data to another USB or Hard Drive... so don't expect to be able to use the same drive again. As far as an online fix, I literally scoured the ends of the internet and several google pages for instructions and none worked because it was a mechanical issue.

    So I suggest going to a PC repair place, have them take a look at it, the diagnosis was free. If its a recovery issue, you may find ways to fix it online or a Geek Squad (mine was in a Future Shop) if not, then it could be a repair issue.

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