Second Life creator jettisons social VR platform Sansar

Shawn Knight

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Financial terms of the sale were not made public.

Linden Lab got started on what would eventually become Sansar in 2014, positioning it as a social virtual reality platform of sorts. At that time, that was perfectly plausible as modern virtual reality was experiencing a renaissance and it seemed as if the future of VR would indeed involve social experiences.

As we now know, that isn’t exactly how things played out as virtual reality has struggled with mainstream adoption. While there are some great VR games out there (Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and Half-Life: Alyx immediately come to mind) and virtual reality environments like AltspaceVR do exist, it’s far from – say, Ready Player One’s Oasis.

Linden Lab said it sold Sansar in order to streamline its focus. The developer will continue to work on Second Life and its licensed money services provider Tilia. The Second Life community won’t notice any change, nor should Sansar users, as Wookey Project Corp. plans to keep evolving the platform for live events and entertainment just as Linden Lab did.

The Sansar team said it will be working hard over the coming weeks to bring people together with new shows and surprises. "Meet-and-greets and live performances from some of music’s biggest names. Virtual versions of the festivals you thought were canceled or postponed. It’ll be the most fun you ever had staying home!"

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It's easy to pass the blame to VR if you ignore the fact that this software wasn't on steam / oculus stores and that they did zero zero advertising.

I wasn't even aware of this software and I've been in VR since the OG Oculus.

VRChat is and has been very popular. They didn't fail because VR didn't explode in popularity, they failed because they are completely incompetent at getting the word out about it. They didn't even make posts on any VR reddit, which is free and easy. So yeah, when you forgoe the largest VR platforms in the world and choose to do zero advertising, this is the result. People can't play in a virtual world they don't know of.

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