Security alert?

By cdrobin
Jul 21, 2009
  1. My computer keeps popping up security alert. tried to disable it with advise from other threads and they were no help. it seems to have disabled many of my Icons including my malware bytes and superantispyware and internet explorer programs. Also the only way that I can get windows to even come up is by going into safe mode, If i try it normally it says that virus protection has disabled user.ini because it is infected...

    I have also tried to reload malware bytes, hijack this and superantispyware with no luck. I also attempted running them off of a flash drive direct. It will also not let me do system restore. I looked with process explorer and task manager and found nothing abnormal running.

    any Ideas?
  2. cdrobin

    cdrobin TS Rookie Topic Starter

    this is on a compter I bought dont know a whole lot about specs other than it is
    XP Professional OS and 2 gig dual core processor with 2 gig ram, just started acting up yesterday.
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