Seeking Analysis -- 8 Steps Virus Removal Logs

By 3O3
Mar 18, 2009
  1. Hi All,

    This is actually my first post. Just the other day, my work computer prompted me that my computer was not protected against numerous viruses and that I needed to run a program called Antivirus 360. I immediately questioned the program and closed the prompt; this did not make the prompt go away. As I attempted to surf the web, my homepage changed, in that it now included what looked to be a Google search bar, with a description of Antivirus 360 underneath it. Next, I attempted to go to another web page, but once I got there I was not able to acces the page because I am assuming the adware program blocked the web page from being used. As this happened, my URL changed to about.blank and a warning came up on the page -- again insisting that I install and run Antivirus 360.
    In an attempt to fix the problem I went searching for answers on the web (using a different computer) and stumbled across this site and the "8 steps." I followed them step by step and have attached the three separate log files. It appears as if the virus removal tools worked to correct my problem, but I am seeking additional analysis if possible. Any help in the review of my logs would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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