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Aug 2, 2009
  1. Got my Dad's PC here and am trying to fix whatever he did to it.. :)

    Symptoms include: iexplore.exe appearing twice in processes, unable to print (spoolsv.exe keeps closing or disappearing), LSPFIX runs in safe mode but when run in normal it says winsock2 might need reinstalling.

    If I run IE8 and then close it, the desktop icons become disabled and I have to close iexplore.exe via task manager to be able to open anything via desktop.

    If I cannot find a solution to all of this, I will have to format and reinstall his OS. If I can find a solution, I will have a lot of uninstalling to do. I keep telling him not to download most of this junk, but....

    Ran Anti-Malware on 7/18 and will submit that log in addition to hijackthis' log. Ran Anti-Malware today and it says it's clean, but all the symptoms remain.

    I have his PC at my house now so I can spend more time on it.Thank you in advance for taking a look!! :)

    I am attaching both logs because they're too long to post....
  2. strategic

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  3. Badfinger

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    If Dad's PC seems too much of a headache, I'd go this route: wipe and drop a fresh Windows install, after backing up his old data to your PC if desirable, make a check list before hand of what he uses to also reinstall, especially if he's one of those ignorant and or messy 1 partition/1 hard drive folk.

    Having said that... add winpatrol as a preventative measure once his fix is complete, you'll see it's value pretty quickly, and it's usable freely, paid gets you 1 additional feature.

    I know I keep plugging it, but it is an awesome program that everyone should use these days.
  4. Sposhi

    Sposhi TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hi and thanks for the response and the welcome!! Finally found forums where people actually respond.. :)

    I have disabled Norton and completed another run of CCleaner and am now running a full scan with Anti-Malware... (I'm on a different PC now).. Do you want me to re-up the logs after I'm done with all this?

    I definitely agree with you on the toolbars.. I never use em and like I said I've told my Dad to stay away from them and other misc apps.. So hopefully I will be doing a lot of uninstalling instead of performing a system recovery. bleh.
  5. strategic

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    Toolbars make a difference on your PC. efficiency, and they can sneak in from almost anywhere, you've probably noticed that when installing ccleaner- that's one place it can get in (Yahoo toolbar, I think).
    After you complete the scanning, in the order given, yes please upload the log files.
    As for the iexplore appearing twice, I think I read somewhere on this forum that it's normal if you have IE8 installed, is that the version you are running? I strictly use Firefox at home, and work, but I have IE8 installed at work, I'll have to look into that when I return.
  6. Badfinger

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    Ah yeah, all the hidden BS that non-experts get loaded up with if not careful, including those toolbars.
    Pretty sick really what is tolerated these days.
    Mention Norton anything for a belly laugh (Kings of bloatware).
    I too am Firefox user, though Opera, Safari and Chrome are cool as well, I've just got too used to FF.
  7. Sposhi

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    Yeah I just checked on this PC and iexplore.exe appears twice so it must be normal. Thanks for pointing that out!!

    I'm not a fan of Norton and run Kaspersky on my 2 PCs.. I will definitely look into Firefox because I've heard of so many problems with IE...

    I just can't figure out why the desktop locks after exiting the browser. It stays locked until I end the iexplore.exe process... Never seen that happen before.

    MBAM is about done and there are 0 infected, so that's a good sign.. I really like that CCleaner app btw!!! :)
  8. Sposhi

    Sposhi TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ok all scans are complete and I've removed some of the toolbars and IE8 is finally functioning normally again...

    I don't know what the deal with the printer is.. I am going to bring the PC back to my Dad's house and try reinstalling it.. Last time we tried that, I received a message saying spoolsv needs to be running.. The default printer is missing from the list of printers as well...

    I tried running spoolsv.exe from the prompt and it ran then stopped and disappeared from the processes list. Anyway, here are the updated mbam and hjt logs and I thank you again for your help!!
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