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May 19, 2012
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  1. *Wasn't too sure where to post this, so if I posted in the wrong forum please move.*

    Hi, I'm currently contemplating setting my computer back to the factory setting. I've been having trouble with some of my programs not being able to connect to the internet which has caused me not being to update them, currently running on a outdated flash version. More of that issue can be seen here.

    Anyways I was just wondering if setting my computer back to the factory setting could resolve this? If not I don't want to go through all the trouble of backing my data, would just be wasting my time and lose some programs. I'm running on Dell Inspiron 530s with Windows Vista. Currently I'm not too sure which disk to use. Do the disks say "Re-installation DVD"? If so I have two which like I said, am not sure of which one to use. One says Operating System: Windows Vista Home Basic 32bit SP1 and the other says Drivers and Utilities: DVD for reinstalling Dell Inspiron 531s computer software. The 530s and 531s throw me off a bit.
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    First, to answer your disc question, you would use the Operating System disc to re-install Windows. The drivers disc is just what it says. It contains the drivers and software (aka bloatware) for your computer.

    Personally, I would recommend you solve the issue rather than re-install Windows. I will be happy to assist you with that but, I will need some information first such as what software is not able to connect to the internet, what errors, if any, you are receiving when you attempt to update them (Exact error mssg pls). This could be as simple as firewall rules but, until you provide the information I requested I cannot say with any degree of certainty.
  3. JohnH11

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    Truth be told, I've grown tired of trying to solve the problem. I tried to fix it and you can see that in the thread I linked, but it wasn't resolved. All I did was download and run a bunch of programs and was never really told what could be the problem. It seemed like there wasn't a solution based on all the programs I had to run and logs posted.

    Basically the only program able to connect to the internet is my browser (Firefox). No other program can connect, thus I have outdated versions of programs. My security programs (MBAM, Avast, etc.) cannot update and I'm currently running on outdated Flash, Java, and the such. I can't really continue like this, it's a big risk to my computer. I'm under the impression that if I set back to factory settings that this issue should be resolved.

    Plus I looked around and it seems I don't need a disk. I can just do it at the start up.
  4. mailpup

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    Broni in the Virus and Malware Removal forum has already put in quite a bit of work trying to help you. If you've decided to abandon the effort, have some consideration for his efforts and at least post a reply to that effect rather than leave him hanging.
  5. ruready2

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    Without getting between you and the efforts given in the malware forum, sometimes re-installing is a lot easier and faster than dealing with a bunch of issues as you seem to have going on. Honestly, I would not have gone this long without being able to update my security software. I would only advise you that if you do perform an install make sure it is a clean install. In other words, use something like KillDisk or Dban to wipe the operating system partition. Make sure you DO NOT wipe the recovery partition. It is very unlikely anything in the recovery partition was affected by the malware.

    On another note, when removing malware the procedure is basically as you were instructed by the other member. The logs you posted enable the helper to detect potential malware. While I do understand you wanting to know what is going on, it can be very time consuming trying to explain the process and most reputable malware removal forums will not engage into profound explanations.They simply have you run the scans and let you know when all is clear. But, as said, I do understand your point as well.
  6. JohnH11

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    I've had a breakthrough and actually I feel pretty dumb/embarrassed about it. A while back I set my IE into a dummy proxy so it couldn't connect to the internet. All of the sudden I thought maybe that could be the problem so I reversed it and all of my programs were able to connect to the internet again. I didn't know IE needed to be connected to the web. I set it to a dummy proxy so the computer wouldn't get any bugs and the opposite occurred. [​IMG]
  7. ruready2

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    hahahaha... Excellent!! We all do crazy/dumb things from time to time. It's called being human.. Glad you were able to resolve the issue. :)
  8. JohnH11

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    But I still have a question about something else. During the process of seeing what was wrong with my computer I downloaded a lot of programs, I was able to uninstall some (like ComboFix), but others are still on my system. Mainly because I didn't if there was a specific way to remove this. I still have GMer, dds, aswMBR, BTKR, RogueKiller, and tdskiller. I didn't know if I could just delete them or if I had to uninstall them by maybe downloading another program to do so since there seems to be nothing in my Programs and Features folder.
  9. ruready2

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    I believe the files you list are standalone files meaning they do not install. You should be safe to simply right click and delete the files.

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