Sharing a monitor over Lan

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Jun 28, 2008
  1. Well the title says it all. I have two pcs, one is connected to the monitor while the other is not. I want to know if it is possible to use the other pc without buying any new hardware, without bying one of those switch things and defintley without buying a new monitor. I know I can share my keyboard and mouse over Lan using Synergy but how can I share my montior. (I need to share the monitor becasue I want to see the desktop of the other Pc). All comments are greatly appreciated.:)
  2. fastco

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    Read this it might help! Never tried it personally.
  3. mewi

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    Well there is an option such as "Remote Desktop" for Windows XP Professional ( not sure if home edition ) and you can use this to see your other computer's desktop. You can also use various programs such as... VNC? I think it was called.
  4. Rick

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    In my opinion, the best solution for Windows would be UltraVNC ( ) and/or Remote Desktop (RDP). But it doesn't really share a monitor as much as it shares the entire computer.
  5. taimuraly

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    Thank you all. I will be downloading UltraVNC (its free and looks promising) and will also be posting my expierence soon. Cheers
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