Sharing hard drive

By rev_olie
Jan 17, 2009
  1. Hey Techspot.

    I'M usually running up and down the stairs transferring files from my Desktop upstairs to the laptop downstairs with a USB pen.

    Can anyone give me a link or instructions as to how to share a hard drive over the network.

    The hard drive is a secondary hard drive on my desktop which hasn't got windows on for added security, not that there is anyone around to steal the middle of know were :p (less than 1MBPS broadband he he)

    Also the only thing is does it matter that my desktop with the hard drive on that i want to share is linked to the home network via a wireless card? eg it hasn't got the router plugged into it directly?

    Its also Vista by the way. Ive shared printers before through XP but not hard drive or anything with Vista.

    Thanks for your help :D
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  3. jobeard

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    Do you need Shared R/W access to these folders AND

    are you comfortable manipulating NTFS Permissions?

    Normally when you set r/w sharing on windows, everyone (even Guests and Remote users) get to modify files.

    There's a technique to give r/w to only users know to you. I'll await your follow-up.
  4. rev_olie

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    Thanks Lookingaround. Those articles look great i will take a look at them

    Joebeard. I would like all computers on the network to be able to read and write to the hard drive if possible.
    I have no idea about NTFS permissions but its another thing on the road to discovery so i would like to learn if possible. Thanks very much
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