Sharp announces 70-inch 8K TV, thoroughly outdating your new 4K set

By Shawn Knight ยท 52 replies
Sep 1, 2017
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  1. bluto 2050

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    Cranky ,how's it going in your detachments from reality ,You done with this stupid lash so we can all move on maybe because you don't know digital Z to A or digital content production today and you got owned and reacted badly and predictably here I might ad in your transparent cognitive dissonance poor behavior mechanisms ?

    It's not my fault you are so good at being consistency wrong and thin skinned about it all

    Old delta gun and inline color CRT TV tint control is just a voltage bias potentiometer in a branch circuit nothing too sophisticated for 100 years at all and probably the only one of a few electronic circuit inventions RCA corp. did not steal from someone like just like Thomas Edison and Steve Jobs noting RCA and white collar thief David Sarnoff stole superhetrodyne AM radio and low band FM from Edwin Armstrong and early TV from a farm boy

    By the time it get cost scaled to retail mass production what we speak of here is crude and trivial l up to the finest TV or PC ,,mobile device ,my windows 10 phone or a Panaflex digital cinema camera with the usual Sony optical >digital imaging aka Sony digital camera chassis inside or the Redmere 4K cameras , a VR helmet or a wearable or self driving automobiles

    We have been auto piloting and remotely piloting ,prosecuting lethal missions and landing aircraft and prosecuting ballistic weapons and testings missions , deep space probes and LEO vehicles and interplanetary rovers wholly without human interventions for decades

    I worked on consumer spec. electronics junk aka any brand TV & radio at a Magnavox TV AD 1967 -1970 while studying BSEE as an undergrad study at XXX what did you study noting I have 7 years if recent studies I know here as well.

    FWIW before my generous retirement and exceptional corporate larges see l was at a executive responsibility career at a multinational company that was doing anything from raw materials to OEM systems for , defense ,aviation and aerospace and also computer command controls for those things and some you never saw, some are are still on the moon from the Apollo missions and things you don't want hunting you or a metropolitan city downward to a vaporized pile of rubble and lots of things that move on wheels or fly

    Many can not imagine what I saw on this planet we were in at least 130 nations and all the hot spots and events in the developed world and you may not know how far A.I. (artificial intelligence ) and data mining has *really come and if you do you should be concerned .
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  2. cliffordcooley

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    Arrogance is strong in this one. English not so much.
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  3. bluto 2050

    bluto 2050 TS Addict Posts: 270   +33

    :cool:Yes a Superior mind and or education tends to be arrogant among the uniformed rubble that can not value or put forth a good argument but will attack those that would educate them and these lesser minds , social justice warriors and the posers predictably take exception with us instead of prosecuting an on topic good argument as you and Captain Cranky have just proven LOL
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