Shuts off before BIOS

By revan95
May 29, 2011
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  1. Hey, i just bought a new MB, when i installed it every thing went good, started it np (no harddrives or discdrives in).
    That day i was going out so i did not have time to check it more, but the next day (today) i fastend the screws to the cpufan correctly (i did not have the original so i just took 4 screws) then i plug in the hdd and start.

    The fan starts goes normally for 2-3 sec then "accelarate" like **** and the computer dies, it restarts itself after a half second or so.

    So i remove the hdd: nothing
    I disconnect the computer from the power src for a fex seconds then start it: it starts like normal.
    But sometimes it wont work even if i disconnet the power and alll that:(
    I can't start with vga cable in.

    What i have tried.
    I tested different RAMS, powersupplies, hdd , cd and cables.
    I checked the cpu, and it was a little bit of thermal paste on it so i carefully rubbed it off.
    i started the computer and when it was in bios i plugged in the hdds and cd's and started to install xp but i got a blue screen and error pci.sys address f748e0bf.
    I cheched all the cartridges.
    I unplugged the heatsink.
    I removed the MB and placed it on a shoe box.

    Set up
    Msi g31tm-p21
    p4 3.2 i think might be 2.8 3.0 or around that.
    2x ddr2 533 1 gb pc4200 rams
    a 380w psu
    Radeon hd 5450, not plugged in now.
    2X 120 g seagate ides hdd

    That should be it.
    Thanks alot, hope my swedish english wont be a problem.
  2. Mark56

    Mark56 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,886

    With a rapid acceleraton of you cooler fan it would suggest your cooler is not fitted correctly, so you have possibly fried the CPU.

    You say you removed the thermal paste, why? this is essential for correct cooling.

    It is not clear how you have fastened the cooling fan, if you have used the wrong size screws you may have damaged the motherboard.

    You need to connect the hard drive and CD drive before you boot the PC not after it has reached the POST screen.

    What do you mean by cartridges?

    Removing the heatsink will fry your CPU.

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