Silverlight ports for firewall?

By jobeard
Feb 14, 2010
  1. Hmm; I'm guessing that Silverlight is using its own ports and I need to open it/them in the firewall. Which port(s)/protocols does Silverlight use?

    Video Error; We were not able to access your video​
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  3. jobeard

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    Thanks for the info link -- no progress however even with those ports opened.

    I really think it's a bad datastream from NBC; click this and then the VIDEO button on the page.

    Depending upon which browser I access it with, I get different symptoms, including a bunch of Javascript errors:
    Opera 10.10
    JavaScript -
    Event thread: load
    Unhandled exception: [Object DOMException]
    name: Error
    stacktrace: n/a; see  opera:config#UserPrefs|Exceptions Have Stacktrace
    IE 6
    DOMparser undefined 
    and FF 3.5.4 has the orignial "Video not loading"
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