Sims 2 Computer shutdown

By cardie
Mar 13, 2008
  1. I am having a problem with my sims 2 game. I have had sims 2 for a very long time and i have played it with all expansion packs up to and including seasons. But recently I installed the H&m expansion pack and happy Holidays. Since then whenever I play my sims 2 game, if i transfer over by minimizing the game to return to another running program it will restart my computer. Now the thing is that this doesnt happen all the time, it happens randomly and I have not yet noticed a pattern in the restart timing. According to my knowledge, my computer meets all the specifications, I even just bought a new ATI HD 2400 PRO video card. I've also ran virus scans and spyware scans

    Would anyone be able to please help me with this
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