Sims 3 won't run and would like to upgrade to Windows 7

By MrsWibbly
Aug 31, 2010
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  1. I really don't understand the mechanical workings of a computer but I have found out from a website called "Can You Run It?" that my current graphics card is not suitable for The Sims 3. Probably why it's running like a dog and almost unplayable.

    Currently have GeForce FX 5700LE (probably not to original bought with the Dell Dimension 8300) as I think my husband stripped this out of his old machine to upgrade my generic one in the hope of getting The Sims 3 to work better.

    I would also like to upgrade to Windows 7 and this card is not listed as compatible. Also the memory requirements for The Sims 3 under Vista are 1.5GB (can't find details of The Sims 3 under WIndows 7) so as I also only have 1.5GB RAM at the moment and am thinking about upgrading that too.

    I don't really have more than £200 to do any necessary upgrades but would like to get another couple of years out of my old DD 8300.

    I could buy 4 x 1GB RAM and replace all the existing or 2 x 1GB RAM and replace 0.5GB of the existing giving me 3GB.

    I have not got a clue about graphics card so any advice would be good. Not looking for anything amazing - would just like The Sims 3 to run well!
  2. DKRON

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    1.5gb of Ram when using vista isn't enough to run the game because Vista uses alot more memory just to run the operating system, i would use atleast 2gb even if you upgrade to windows 7 becasue it will just run alot smoother in general. Your old graphips chip should handle sims fine if it is capatiple with the game.

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