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By sundi712
Dec 9, 2009
  1. We are looking for a better way to troubleshoot issues when assisting customers that contact us from off-campus here at a university that I work. The reason for this is we have certain services (such as one research tool known as Galileo) that only prompts for a password when a user is off-campus. When on campus you are able to access all resources, as I believe it validates the computer based on IP address. It is difficult to assist someone when they are unable to login because employees here on campus can access the Galileo resources without validation.

    We have tried using various anonymous web browsing websites but these do not consistently work. Does anyone know of an application or reliable websites with a reliable "proxy" service?

    Also, configuring our own separate subnit/network is not possible because the authentication that is used is state-wide throughout 30+ Universities through one ISP, which is something that is out of my control. All Universities are in this large IP range that I doubt they will make a slight change just for us.

  2. jobeard

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    hmm; it's a tad obscure as to what the problem is vs what you're asking for.

    Things like RealVPN are used to validate external users accessing LAN resources.
    Then there's Remote Desktop to control another system.

    Are you attempting to solve 'remote login issues'?
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