Sku not found whilst trying to install The Sims Deluxe Edition

  1. Okay this is rather a long story so sit comfortably....

    I own Sims Deluxe, House Party, Vactaion, Superstar (which has a tiny crack in it near the centre of the ring - brought in charity shop like it) and Makin' Magic.
    I also own Windows Vista on a very competant PC, which I know Sims Deluxe and House Party can work on as they've done so in the past.

    After buying Superstar I decided to install vacation, itself, and Makin' Magic in the order they're supposed to be installed on to my Deluxe and House Party. It went fine until Makin' Magic complained that there was an expansion installed fater it, which was wrong. Even so I clicked the yes to the question it had asked me and I watched some more loading bars until an error popped up saying "Error" and a number (which unfortunately I cannot remember.) Then it closed on me. After what I think was the same thing over and over again, I decided to uninstall the game, unfortunately the Sims doesn't seem to have an uninstaller, so I was forced to manually click delete on them.

    I reinstalled Deluxe Edition and that went fine, until I tried installing House Party. It went through the installer, but when I tried loading it up it said it was the wrong disc, so i put Deluxe in and it worked, but without House Party. At one point I managed to get Deluxe to ask me to uninstall itself, but when I said yes that's all it did, then I went round in teh big circle of installing and uninstalling Deluxe.

    So I found this forum and found someone with a similar problem and followed the uninstall instructions there. (can't post link)

    Unfortunately now things have become worse, I can't even install Deluxe Edition now as an error keeps popping up saying "error getting Sku Number from registary, aborting installation." which I've looked up and seems to be something to do with copyright protection?

    Help would be greatly appreciated :)

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