Slack rolls out dark mode for desktop


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The quest to dark mode all things continues unabated, as Slack just rolled out a dark mode across all versions of its popular workplace chat app for desktops. This brings a bit of parity with the mobile version of Slack, which received a dark mode some time ago.

As the company details in a blog post, the new dark mode is available immediately in the latest versions of Slack; that is, 4.0.3 for Mac or 4.0.2 for Windows and Linux. Dark mode can be enabled by navigating to the Preferences menu, and from there you'll head to Themes. An option to switch from light to dark is displayed prominently at the top of the menu.

While Slack currently isn't supporting an option to sync dark mode between devices, the company notes that the functionality is coming in the future. For now, dark mode will need to be manually enabled across devices.

Slack's dark mode comes as other tech companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Google are all rolling out dark modes of their own.

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I use Slack and MS Teams daily. Slack is such a great app. It does one thing really well, it is well designed and very intuitive. On the other hand, there is MS Teams - talk about a hunk of festering faeces. Teams is unintuitive and frustrating and perfectly demonstrates the problems of MS "design". Well done to Slack!
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