Sling TV adds MLB Network just in time for Opening Day

Shawn Knight

TechSpot Staff
Staff member

Sling TV on the Major League Baseball Opening Day 2019 is launching two new streaming packages for the over-the-top provider. Both MLB Network and Strike Zone are now available in Sling’s “Sports Extra” add-on ($5 per month) for Sling Orange users. Sing Blue customers will have to shell out $10 per month.

More info on the new channels is below:

  • MLB Network – as every die-hard baseball fan’s favorite channel, MLB Network offers live regular season and postseason telecasts, highlights and insights, as well as shows like “MLB Tonight” and “Quick Pitch.”
  • MLB Network Strike Zone – this channel includes commercial-free, up-to-the-minute highlights and updates when live game telecasts air on MLB Network Tuesday and Friday nights.

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