Sling TV reveals 'Sports Extra' lineup, includes SEC Network and eight other channels

By Shawn Knight
Feb 8, 2015
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  1. In my hands-on preview of Sling TV last month, I concluded that its long-term success would hinge on two factors: the channel lineup of its highly-anticipated Sports Extra add-on package and addressing its single-stream limitations.

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  2. GeforcerFX

    GeforcerFX TS Evangelist Posts: 551   +171

    Was invited in and I used it for around a hour last night seems to be running good for me will mess more tomorrow.
  3. bandit8623

    bandit8623 TS Enthusiast Posts: 98   +17

    Ive used with the pc this weekend. so far the stream will freeze at random times, but the quality is good. also the bottom info bar keeps popping up and down constantly.
    if they fix these issues it will be watchable.
  4. Randy Barber

    Randy Barber TS Rookie

    Does this package allow you to view games that are available through SEC Network+

    This would attract A LOT of people.

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