Slow Computer-MSE and multiple other scanners say my computer is clean

By emily barry
Mar 8, 2011
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  1. Hello. My computer is running very slowly lately. I had it on before college and checked facebook then shut it down It was running perfectly before I turned it off. When I turned it back on a few hours later, it took about 3 minutes to load up and another 2-ish minutes for all the icons to show up. Also, all the sounds that play studder. Its like youtube videos that aren't loaded all the way. This happens even if they are played through window's media player and not the internet. I have scanned it with Microsoft Security Essentials, it says its clean, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, it found one broken file and deleted it, ESET online scanner, which said my computer was clean, and finally I scanned it with Trend Micro Housecall, it was also clean. Other than an unknown virus that wasn't detected, I have no idea what could be slowing down my computer. Is there anything I can try to get my computer back up to speed? PLEASE HELP!!!
  2. Bobbye

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    Emily, I am going to have your thread moved to a more appropriate forum. You are describing system problems, especially a possible problem with the sound card. Stay subscribed to be notified when someone replies.

    You have gone through a full set of scans for malware.
  3. emily barry

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    Dear techspot users,
    I have run a defrag, turned off indexing and disabled it plus I ran a temporary file cleaner and none of it has helped speed up my system. If anyone knows anything else I can do please please please tell me!!!

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