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Slow download speed using access point?

By geoffcox
Jan 6, 2011
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  1. Hello

    I have been looking at a PC which has a low download speed, 1180Kbps, when access the Internet via a 3COM wireless access point. This access point has the number 7000-000-732 but I cannot see such a model on the Net.. The nearest similar one seems to be the 3ComĀ® Wireless 7760 11a/b/g PoE Access Point.

    Any idea why this download is so slow? The main office PCs download much quicker.


  2. geoffcox

    geoffcox TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 23


    My mistake! How many times do I have to tell myself not to act on assumptions!!

    I tested the download speed in the office today and found it was only 1800Kbps so the 1200Kbps at the PC with the wireless connection (67%) is not too bad I guess. I had assumed that the office speed would be higher.

    It would seem that the ISP has allowed their customer to stay on a low Internet access speed..



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