Slow loading of game

By yolak
Apr 29, 2009
  1. i got
    80gb HDD
    256Video card
    2.5ghrz Processor

    I recently reformat my PC, and put it in a partition for drive C as 25GB and D as 50GB

    now i deepfreeze the Drive C and put all my stuff in Drive D. i got problem in my built in Video Card which conncted in mother board.

    my problem is still i got slower Loading up my game which i install in D. because i DeepFreeze the Drive C.

    is it Ok that i only Give 25GB space for Drive C which has the Windows intalled?

    when i opened up may registry mechanic it says that i got only 448Ram left because of the Malfunction of the built in video card.

    any tweak guides pls or comments for my problem would be much appreciated
    tnx in advance more power to techspot
  2. yolak

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    UP please ^ ^ ^
  3. Bobbye

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