Slow Online Games With Windows 7

By BloodRaven
Dec 30, 2009
  1. I've been looking everywhere for the answer to this question and i cant find it. Whats happening is single player (offline games) run flawlessly. i have a powerful enough machine that i can play any game i want at max settings and it looks smooth and crisp. browser speeds are fast and download speeds are nothing to complain about. i have a Mbps down cable connection. I'm running a fresh copy of Windows 7 professional. thats the setup, now let me explain the problem. no matter what game i play multilayer, the second i get into a server to play a game my ping is through the roof. between 200ms to 2000ms. i know its not my machine because my fps is 60+ constantly. I'm starting to believe that it has something to do with some weird windows 7 glitch or something along those lines. I think its the OS is because when I run games on a different machine using OS X Leopard or Windows Vista, its smooth as can be with a max of 85ms ping. has anyone experienced this before or have any ideas how to fix it? any info helps. Thanks!
  2. boxerz

    boxerz TS Rookie

    Yeah I've had this problem, MW2 doesn't seem like it's up to snuff lately
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