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May 24, 2008
  1. I've got System process of 99%. NOT system Idle process, that is 0%.

    Included is a hjt log.
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    There is a lack of Windows NT Services (023) running. The two you do show:
    Don't need to be running and others, Symantec Services, for instance, do. Did you disable them?

    And as mentioned, it's not the "total" CPU use that matters- it's what's using it:
    Open the Task Manager> Processes tab> double click on the top frame of the CPU column to sort in descending order:
    With no active Windows open and email closed, what processes are showing CPU usage and how much does each show?
  4. bloodywrench

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    the only process using cpu is System by 99% run by SYSTEM.

    I took the log shortly after uninstalling Symantec AV, did not fix problem.

    I did not disable any services myself, but there are some other users that might have.
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    016: Symantec AntiVirus scanner still loaded..
    You have no firewall.

    SysAid is built specifically for IT management. Who is managing the system because some of those services need to be running? Maybe kimsland will be able to tell more from the full log.
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