Smart Lock for Passwords is Google's new cross-device password manager

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May 29, 2015
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    Google spent plenty of time covering key topics like Android M, Google Photos, Android Pay and virtual reality during its keynote yesterday at I/O 2015. One item of interest that slipped under the radar is a new cross-device password manager known as Smart Lock for Passwords.

    Part of the Google Identity Platform, Smart Lock for Passwords builds on the Chrome Password Manager by permitting frictionless sign-in and sign-up into apps on Android and sites in Chrome. Once you’re signed in at one location, you're signed in across all devices.

    This would be handy if you frequently switch between a desktop or notebook and a smartphone or a smartphone and a tablet (or any mix of devices). What’s more, it’d be one less password that you need to manually enter / try to remember.

    google android chrome password passwords password manager google io it security google io 2015 smart lock for passwords

    There are, however, a few things you should be aware of.

    Unlike other password managers that work on all sites, developers will need to add the feature to their site / app using Google’s API. Some of the early services to adopt the new feature include Eventbrite, Netflix, The New York Times, Orbitz and Instacart (LinkedIn will soon be joining the bunch). With such big names already onboard, it’ll only be a matter of time before others add support for it.

    Conversely, as with other password managers, do note that there’s always a tradeoff as you’re sacrificing privacy for the sake of convenience. If someone manages to swipe your phone while it’s on, for example, they could have a field day with your online accounts. Again, this concern exists with all password mangers and isn't exclusive to Google's new solution.

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  2. Skidmarksdeluxe

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    I'll wait and see how good it is when it's released. I always use a 2 stage verification method on all my important and private accounts, Google being one of them.
  3. Convenience over security ! LMAO

    People that use this "grease" will get what they rightly deserve ...
  4. Password managers are not necessarily "convenience over security". Password managers enable you to use different passwords for every login and also to use randomly generated passwords, both of which would be infeasible if you had to remember the passwords yourself. It's more of a security "transfer": you're more protected against remote attackers (by having more varied and stronger passwords) but more susceptible to "physical" attackers (someone grabbing your phone).
  5. jobeard

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    IMO, ALL single signon systems are DOA (dead on arrival) due to the polithera of security issues today. You need (imo) to use unique signon wherever there is person or financial information at risk. Faceboook et al - - who cares, but don't relay upon the social systems for logon to critical websites, eg banking, social security.

    By all means, do not remember me and auto login when you use mobile devices which can be lost or stolen!!!

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