Snap is testing a paid subscription plan called Snapchat Plus

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The big picture: Snap isn't the only social networking platform delving into paid tiers. Telegram is planning to roll out a paid subscription this month called Telegram Premium. Last year, Twitter launched a paid monthly subscription called Twitter Blue that allows users to customize their experience and access premium features.

Snap is developing a paid subscription service that will reportedly grant members early access to features and other amenities.

Snap spokesperson Liz Markman confirmed to The Verge that Snapchat Plus is in the early internal testing phase, adding that they are excited about the potential to share exclusive, experimental and pre-release features with subscribers and learn how they can best serve their community.

A Twitter post from leaker Alessandro Paluzzi highlights additional Snapchat Plus features including the ability to pin a friend as your #1 BFF, access to exclusive Snapchat icons, the ability to display a badge in your profile and an option to see your friends' whereabouts over the past 24 hours (so long as they agree to share their location with you), among others.

Paluzzi further suggested pricing could come in at 4.59 eruo per month or 45.99 euro for a year, or around $4.81 and $48.21, respectively.

Privacy changes delivered in iOS 14.5 dealt a blow to free apps that generated money from targeted ads and partially explains why we are seeing a shift in revenue models to subscriptions.

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