Snapchat surpasses photo sharing activities of Facebook and Instagram combined

Shawn Knight

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Mobile messaging app Snapchat may have had more of a reason to shun Facebook’s acquisition offer than many realized. That’s because the company is now processing more than 400 million snaps shared each day according to CEO Evan Spiegel as...

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However Snapchat is a lot different than Facebook and Instagram as it is more private/personal. There are people that share **** ton of pointless pictures via Snapchat + nudies and all that ;)
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Greg S

TS Evangelist
Who cares what gets shared when investors just want their share of the profit? Imagine if ads were rolled out and 25 million people saw your ad on the same day. You would have quite a sales spike.


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Still trying to figure out their revenue model. How are these guys planning on making money??? I'm guessing ads, but I'm pretty sure their user base will lash back once that's implemented if you have to view a 5-10 second ad before you can view your snap for 3 seconds.