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Sep 28, 2016
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  1. Well after many MANY numerous hours of research, videos, etc. I have decided to build my own PC.

    Please view my selections and advise.

    • My one variable that I am concerned with primarily is the use of water cooling.
    It seems air is darn near just as good and no leak issues. I chose to select air.

    • Are AIO's dependable in terms of leakage long term?

    • My motherboard selection had the built in wi-fi as this will be the method of connecting on this one. This was and important issue for me. My current wi-fi is smokin' fast @ a consistent 100 mbps

    My usage is lots of internet, vids, etc.....only occasional gaming. I wanted the gaming capability for when my kids come home from time to time.......(graduated college and finally gone! upload_2016-9-28_10-21-54. )

    I looked at all the prebuilts and decided I could make a far superior future proofed system. I tend to keep my computers for more than 5 years before ungrading with new.

    My others are so old they are good for donations only.

    My display of choice for the monitor will be the Dell curved 34 inch.

    Dell UltraSharp 34" Ultra-Wide Monitor (U3415W Black) which I have found for $649 online now.
    Thank you in advance for your opinions and suggestions. I appreciate your recommendations.
  2. EndlessWaves

    EndlessWaves TS Booster Posts: 191   +45

    Watching videos or editing them?

    If you're only watching videos then I'd say you're spending far too much money for your requirements and I'd be looking at something half the price or even well below that. Something like this would be considered a fairly high end system for internet browsing, videos and occasional gaming:

    In terms of future proofing, what additional hardware are you likely to be adding to the system?

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