Some games & programs won't open in Windows 7

By g4mer
Jun 19, 2010
  1. When i click on... lets say GTA San Andreas, WinFast PVR2 (My TV Card)... window comes up and disappears in a second. I've done some tweaking on Windows 7 before, and that maybe caused the problem. I disabled some services in msconfig:
    Copmuter Browser
    Offline Files
    Disk Defragmenter
    Diagnostic Policy Service
    Perf. Logs and Alerts
    Remote Acces Auto Conn. Manager
    Smart Card
    Secondary Logon
    Print Spooler
    Tablet PC Input Device
    Desktop Window Manager Sesion Manager
    Diagnostic Service Host
    Diagnostic System Host
    Windows Error and Reporting
    Thats it.
    Someone knows if any of these services can cause this problem?
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